About me


I’m Andy Bull and I’m the owner of AB Fitness and Bootcamp UK in Medway & Maidstone. I have been involved in the Fitness industry for over 15 years. I have a passion and drive to help people get fit, stay healthy and be the best that they can. Fitness means different things to different people – some want muscle tone, more energy, mental health improvement, weight loss or muscle gain - but all want to have variety to achieve their goals.

I have always employed the same theory with my sessions – to make things fun and enjoyable; not repetitive. Taking large groups of people to their respective goals in big Bootcamp style sessions or personalised 1-1 programmes carries differing considerations but it has to be enjoyable! It’s my job to be passionate, driven and energetic to carry you forwards to a new you.

I have worked with many different people from vastly different backgrounds including sports teams, clients with specific chronic medical conditions, large groups of over 100 in Outdoor Bootcamp sessions, 1-1 Personal Training sessions, designing Bespoke Personalised programmes and now maybe you!!

You’ll meet some incredibly motivating and driven people to inspire and push you – they’ll celebrate your successes as much as you do! It’s a great vibe at my sessions whether that’s at Bootcamp UK Outdoor sessions or Body Transformations programmes and Mid morning groups with AB Fitness. Passion is at the heart of everything; once you start you’ll become hooked.

AB Fitness’ motto is Achieving Results & Inspiring changes. Be inspired to achieve your results and make some long term adjustments to your lifestyle that will make you fitter and healthier. Ready for change???